Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My life that is still being writen!!!

Ok well my name is Amber Douglas I am 17 years old!!!
I married the love of my life on July 8th 2008.
His name is Charles Douglas.
We are currently Located in Florida, But expecting to move to Idaho around november of 09..
My husband is currently in The United States Navy and I am proud of him..
He is getting out this October, We are sooo Happy for that.
I have 2 buatiful red nose pit puppies that are like my children and I also have 2 sugar Gliders that I love to death.
Me and the Hubby has had ruff times in our relationship But we are standing strong and alot of people hate that we are together but they cant pry us apart this is love and will stay like that..
We are living on our own and doing really good..
I meet him when I was 15 around september we were officially dating December 3rd of 07!!
We have been stabed in the Back many of times just helping people out..
♥ The New Best day of my life was MAY 1ST My Godson was born But 7hours later he passed away!!!
I love him with all my heart he was to perfect for our world so God called him up to heaven and had him help and now every time I feel the wind blow I know Lil Tony is helping blow that wind and it is just him blowing us kisses!!! He did have complicantions he was born with Anencephaly and That caused him to leave our world.. I love him soo much and think about him everyhour and every minute.. But the best people in my life are My husband, Lil Tony, Karie, Big Tony, and God..

I treasured the time God gave me to spend with lil tony I am glad I meet you, You filled my heart with love my mind with memories, My thoughts with Prayers, My soul with peace and my spirit with Freedom.. I love you I always dreamed of meeting a angel but when I meet you I knew you were all of our angels a buatiful gift.. I stood by mommy and daddy and tried to keep them Strong..

But even though he passed it feels like when I want to cry my heart just feels warma nd I remember his smiles he gave us and I remember just the Good memories,, I try not to cry so I wont make you cry but it is def. hard lil tony we miss you so much and dont think it is fair..

But as everyone can tell my world crashed on that day and I can feel lil Tony with me every where.. He keeps me strong and I love him soo much.. I just hope god had a plan for all of us Def. Karie and Big Tony..

But anyway that is my life at this momentt... Me and my mom dont get along she uses me so bad I cant stand it and it took me till now to see that she wasnt their to comfort me when lil tony died only my hubby which was fine but I needed that mother love then, And me and my dad get along but dont really have a Father Daughter relationship.. But if there is anything else jsut ask I have a bunch of stuff to write about lil tony and his time with us!!!

Thanks for reading
Amber Douglas!!!