Friday, July 31, 2009

God Is Coming!! Are you Ready For Your Reward Yet??

I have watched this Video Over and Over and I have Cried Many Of Times!!

This is the Truth Showing That god Does have a Purpose for everything to happen!! And that he is coming to get us soon and show us home and show us that there is a life with no pain and if you beileve in him and trust in his names he will give you a great reward at the end of your journey!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why did god Make things like this??!!!

Well Anthony has been on my mind hard these last couple of weeks!! I try and help Karie as much as I can!!! Here is a Picture Of the Ornamet I got her for Anthony!! I love it it is very pretty!! I promised Anthony that I would do that for every christmas!! Imiss him so much and can not wait till I see his face, I dont want to see karie so sad all the Time!! Every time I hold or see a baby or a toddler it makes me think "WHY COULDNT HE DO THIS"?? "Why them" Then I think God has a plan for everyone things happen for a reason!!
Everytime I hold a baby I think of Anthony It feels like him EVERYTHING!! I miss him so much and Love him more than ever!!!
I remeber first holding him!!! EVERYTHING was perfect he had 10 fingers all perfect and there 10 Buatiful toes that walked all over our hearts Perfect everything!!
I remeber Karie was trying to change Anthony's Diaper lol it took like 3 of us!! Lol it was so funny and he was just smilling the Whole time!! His smiles was the Best in theWorld it is like god Took all the Buatiful and most peace full and loving places and things and wrapped up in the most perfect Body and handed him to Karie and Tony!! Iam so happy I went to that Hospital I wasnt there when He was first born and I Was Crying It felt Like I was being Drugg to the Hospital Like I neededto be there!! When I came in the 1st time I saw everyone in there! Tony was holding Anthony and I walked over to him and He said " Here Buddy do you want to go see Amber" And when he handed him to me I was in love My heart was there it was the Hardest thing to see some one so loved and so buatiful to have to leave to soon!! I know god needed him But it isnt fair!! It isnt fair for anyone to have to go through this!! Well that is all I have to write about!!
Thank You for reading:)

RIP Anthony Loren Guinn Jr.
Please take care of him god!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anthony You were an Angel all along!!

Anthony You are an Angel!! I remember when I walke into the room where you were NewBorn and Daddy was holding you!! THe look on your daddies face he couldnt keep his Eyes off of you even when other people were holding you!! I know your mommy and daddy miss you so much when I saw you in a picture That Crystal showed me you looked like you were going to be really heavy but when daddy handed you to me you felt like a cloud!! You were a perfect Angel wonderful little boy, a miracle to your mommy and daddy!! Everything about you was perfect your Fingers were smile warm and soft your cheeks were red and kissable!! Your mommy held you like she was never going to let you go!! When You passed away I just couldnt bare to be there!! I left immediantly!! I held you in my arms and when you passed away you deff. took your mommy and daddies heart with you and they dont want you to return it!! You were their first!! I cant wait till they have another Baby, THey make such pretty Babies!! Anthony watch after mommy and daddy and the babies they have in the Future, Keep everyone Safe and watch after them but mainly mom and dad!!

Love always,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheerish what you have andLove for life

Hi Everyone Just wanted to update and let everyone know that everything is doing good!!
My huby and me have been Wonderful we are actually TTC this will be his first but My second!!!
When I was 15 a whole bunch of stuff happened with me and an Older man I was stress and lost the Baby at 5weeks!! So I will be very excited to have another!!

I bought Karie and Big Tony a christmas ornament for Anthony's first christmas!! They are doing so good!! I deffanintally cant wait till she has another one!! lol... I made this cute Picture on here for Karie But hers says My Son!! I also went to his grave the other day and took pictures of His Grave his headstone still isnt up But Karie said she will be putting it up Asap!!
Well on the other Hand we just found out My best friend jennie is pregnant.. AGAIN it is her 4th she is excited but of course like everymother scarred!! I am also scarred because meeting Anthony made me realize that you have to cheerish life in its Best and worst times and needless to say that When Karie and Big Tony had Anthony that was the Best part of life them are times that need to be taken and told all around the World!! But Jennie will be fine!!

Uhhh!! Life is jsut unexplainable now!! So much has happened this last year that I cant even describe!!! Anyway I just wanted to do a Quick update on everything!!

Thank You for reading!!!
♥ Amber ♥
Cheerish what you have and live for what you lost..