Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheerish what you have andLove for life

Hi Everyone Just wanted to update and let everyone know that everything is doing good!!
My huby and me have been Wonderful we are actually TTC this will be his first but My second!!!
When I was 15 a whole bunch of stuff happened with me and an Older man I was stress and lost the Baby at 5weeks!! So I will be very excited to have another!!

I bought Karie and Big Tony a christmas ornament for Anthony's first christmas!! They are doing so good!! I deffanintally cant wait till she has another one!! lol... I made this cute Picture on here for Karie But hers says My Son!! I also went to his grave the other day and took pictures of His Grave his headstone still isnt up But Karie said she will be putting it up Asap!!
Well on the other Hand we just found out My best friend jennie is pregnant.. AGAIN it is her 4th she is excited but of course like everymother scarred!! I am also scarred because meeting Anthony made me realize that you have to cheerish life in its Best and worst times and needless to say that When Karie and Big Tony had Anthony that was the Best part of life them are times that need to be taken and told all around the World!! But Jennie will be fine!!

Uhhh!! Life is jsut unexplainable now!! So much has happened this last year that I cant even describe!!! Anyway I just wanted to do a Quick update on everything!!

Thank You for reading!!!
♥ Amber ♥
Cheerish what you have and live for what you lost..